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The common question I receive from my clients and community regularly is “How do you Ang, fit more veggies into your day?”

My answer – Veggie Satchels – These make my life so much easier during the week to fit more vegetables into my day.  We make them in our household at the start of each week.  We timed it to give you an idea of how simple this is and it took 19 minutes.  To wash, cut and assemble the vegetables into satchels.  

Every day I make sure that I fit one of these satchels into my day.  I will either have them with my protein at lunch or we often grill them or add them to a shish kabob in the evening.  

Since we are taking the time to precut these each week they get eaten.  There is no extra time or thought put into them once they are made during the week besides to enjoy them.

My recommendation is to make a week’s worth of satchels so that they stay fresh and crisp.  Great vegetables to use for this reason are bell peppers, celery and carrots.  If you are going to choose veggies like tomatoes or cucumbers it is best to separate them into their own baggies and eat them earlier on in the week.

Not enough time to wash, cut and separate your vegetables?  No worries simply purchase a precut platter at your local supermarket.  They may be a bit more expensive but the majority of the work is done for you.  Make sure to separate the tray into daily satchels, they are far more likely to be eaten then sitting in the tray all week.

Let me know how your vegetable satchels work for you and the best vegetables you have found to eat within them each week, I would love to hear!

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