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Neck pain? Feeling Tired?  Does it feel like your shoulders are rolling forward?  These are common concerns many of us are faced with on a regular basis.

I believe we all have the tendency to shrug and carry our tension in our shoulders and neck.  Because of this I would like to share one of my biggest tips to relieve this type of discomfort.  It starts with your posture.

When it comes to posture, the initial focus needs to be on stretching out the musculature of the chest and the front of the shoulders. Most of the time, people want to go straight to back exercises and work the musculature of the back. This is great and is definitely the other component that is important, but it is difficult to get really nice isolation of those back muscles if your shoulders are rolled forward and there is tension in the front of your chest.

So how do you get started focusing on stretching the musculature of the chest and front of your shoulders? Utilize a foam roller.  After a few minutes you will start to feel the muscles loosen up. To ensure you

are utilizing the foam roller correctly, watch this short video here to help you with your form.  Then include this exercise first thing in your morning routine, before your bedtime routine or before a back workout.  Notice your posture improve over time as well as creating loose muscles for your workouts.

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