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What time of day is the best time for me to exercise to lose weight?

exercisetimeI am asked this question a great deal. In a perfect world it would be best to exercise first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast. Your carbohydrate energy is lower at this time of day because you have not eaten anything in about eight to ten hours (ideally). When performing exercise you first burn off your carbohydrate stores, once those have been burned you then begin to target your fat stores. So, the less carbohydrate stores you have to burn initially, the sooner you can begin to burn the fat. Therefore, a thirty minute workout in the morning without any food in your belly will likely burn more fat than the same exercise for the same duration in the late afternoon.

In addition, after a great workout in the morning, you can refuel with a balanced carbohydrate and protein meal. Due to your exercise efforts in the morning your body will have a residual calorie burning effect…so you will be burning off some of your breakfast as you eat it!

Now, having said all that, this approach is not for everyone. As an alternative, select a time of day that you feel the most motivated, or the most energetic, this is when you should exercise…that way you are more likely to develop a routine and stick with it. And consistency above all else is the best way to lose and then maintain a healthy weight loss.

Remember that not every approach works for everyone. You need to discover what works for you and then go for it! At Acacia Fitness we are here to help. If you have any questions about this article or any other fitness related topics please feel free to call us any time.