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Nutrition and Fitness Corporate Education Sessions


Corporate Wellness Program

Our corporate wellness program focuses on actively sharing information and ideas for optimizing health and well being in and out of the workplace environment. The type of information that is provided includes the following (these are just a few examples we have used with current clients):

  1. Exercise Education
    1. Physical and Mental Health Benefits
    2. Ideas of what to do
    3. How to/proper form/injury prevention/intensity/how long/how much?
    4. Posture
    5. Flexibly
    6. What you can do at work (even at your desk)
    7. Fun team building fitness challenges
    8. Time - how to find the time to fit it in
  2. Nutrition Education
    1. Physical and Mental Health Benefits
    2. Productivity – how food helps
    3. Fewer sick days – food is medicine
    4. Food Ideas – what to eat, recipes
    5. Portions – How much food is enough? How much is too much?
    6. Carbs vs. Protein vs. Fat - What is the best diet?
    7. How to read food labels
    8. Timing of food – yes eating certain types of food at certain times makes a difference
    9. Meal planning for the family
    10. Fun team building nutrition/food challenges
    11. Weight Loss
  3. Life Balance
    1. Sleep – how much, how to get more sleep
    2. Priorities – how to set boundaries
    3. Goals/Habits – how to create a plan
    4. Media/Technology Management

Each session is fast-paced, interactive, and full of relevant ideas and tools to empower participants to move toward a healthier lifestyle that will promote happiness, boost job satisfaction, increase team moral and performance and improve overall quality of life. Participants will partake in a short series of physical exercises and stretches they can utilize in their personal lives. They will also learn one or two relevant nutrition or lifestyle habits that they can incorporate as well. A team building challenge is also provided to groups that enjoy this form of motivation. The program is fun, informative, and a great way to empower employees toward better health and productivity in all aspects of their lives.

Each session is 45 minutes in duration…. usually held over the lunch period. All of the talks are customized to the needs of the group. A survey is provided at the beginning of the program (two weeks in advance) to capture the needs of the employees. We then put a program together specifically based on the interests/needs of the participants.

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