Personal Training Services in Edmonton

Acacia Fitness is a health and wellness business based in Edmonton Alberta, serving Edmonton and surrounding areas. Acacia Fitness is owned and operated by Angela deJong, author of Reality Fitness.

Angela deJong


Personal training is one-on-one fitness training customized to your individual fitness level and fitness aspirations. Every client is unique and that is one of the many reasons Angela loves one-on-one training: variety!

Your fitness program will be designed with a variety of variables in mind. Here are a few examples:

  1. The amount of time you have to workout (#days of the week/time per workout)
  2. Your fitness goals
  3. Your health goals
  4. Any past and/or present injuries
  5. Any muscular imbalances
  6. Your current fitness level
  7. Your current health (i.e. post surgery, illness, etc.)
  8. Your sport specific or performance goals
  9. Your weight loss or weight gain goals
  10. Your travel or work schedule
  11. The equipment you have available to you
  12. The weather/environment you are training in (i.e. winter training vs. summer training or tropical, humid environments)
  13. The date(s) for your events (i.e. wedding, running race, mountain climb, etc.)

For optimal health it is important that all aspects of fitness training are touched on. Angela will take into account all of these variables and then prioritize them based on your individual needs. It is not possible to work on every aspect of fitness training all at once. Fitness training is a lifelong process that requires consistency, and an appropriate periodization plan that creates a safe and effective training stimulus.

Personal training sessions are held at the Acacia Fitness studio in Southwest Edmonton. Each session is 60 minutes in duration.