Online Nutrition Coaching Program

This program has been created to guide you step-by- step to healthier nutrition habits. The format of the program follows the habits laid out in Angela’s book Reality Fitness. The online coaching program can be followed with or without the Reality Fitness book.

Acacia Fitness is owned and operated by
Angela deJong, author of Reality Fitness.


How the program works, and what you can expect

Step-By- Step Guidance
Every two weeks Angela will send out a video explaining one nutrition habit you will be asked to focus on. In the video she will explain the reason for this nutrition step so you have an understanding of the impact it has on your health and weight loss.

A New Relationship With Food
If there is one thing Angela wants you to take away from this program it’s this: you do not have to be perfect with your nutrition to lose weight and keep it off. Guidance, Boundaries, and Support from Angela will help you understand this principle over time. Yes, you can still have a beer or eat a piece of birthday cake and lose weight. There are no “bad” foods.

Every week you will be asked to submit a simple habit tracking form and any additional comments or questions you might have. You are expected to strive for 80% compliance to the program for best results.

One-on-One Coaching
You will have weekly access to Angela to ask any questions you like. No question is off limits! Angela is here to help you and is genuinely interested in doing everything she can to lead you in the direction of feeling better and living the life you really want.

To be challenged
Change is not easy; so expect to be challenged! If you really want to live and feel differently, you will need to stretch outside your comfort zone a little bit. This process takes a stepwise approach so you are only focusing on one change at a time to minimize the overwhelming feeling that a diet overhaul would have.

What you will need to participate in the program

  1. A computer or tablet
  2. Internet access
  3. An email address
  4. The desire to make long lasting changes
  5. A positive attitude
  6. Openness to a little discomfort from time to time

Optional: The Reality Fitness Book, available to order from Amazon.

Extra Bonus: Download the printable PDFs referenced from the book!