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Recent blog posts

Many of you know that I joke saying that “I have been stiff since 1984”.  I am really not joking though.  To me, an active lifestyle comes with embracing a few aches, pains and muscle stiffness from time to time.

This does not mean that you need to always grin and bear through it or reach for the Advil.  One of my favorite new products to help alleviate some of my stiffness is Japanese Mint Oil. japanese_mint_oil

Japanese Mint Oil I describe as A535 on steroids.  A couple of dabs and you will see a therapeutic benefit that brings blood flow to the muscles, giving a tingly sensation to those achy, sore muscles while also alleviating some tension.  Apply before bed, at the begging of the day or after your workout to help you feel rejuvenated and take away some of that stiffness or discomfort in your muscles.  Of course I also highly recommend it after you have an Acacia Fitness workout.

Where do you purchase this product you may be asking?  I found mine at a local Spa in Edmonton but you will be able to find this at any health food store in your area. 

I would love to hear your results in the comments below once you have tried it. Take care of those sore muscles everyone and have a great week! 


Are you looking for more personal training tips, great recipes or information on health and exercise?  Check us out on YouTube and Twitter @acaciafitgirl for more.

*Reminder:  Always consult your physician before trying any new health product.

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Hi Everyone!

Today I am talking about alternatives to your favorite spreads.  Specifically, Mayonnaise.

Before I offer you one of my favorite alternatives I wanted to look at why, specifically standard mayonnaise is not always the healthiest choice.

So I searched Wikipedia on exactly what you would find in your local, standard mayonnaise brand you find at your local supermarket and these are the listed ingredients:

Water Mustard
Soybean Oil Flour
Vinegar Paprika
Sugar Spice
Modified cornstarch Natural flavor
Eggs Dried garlic
Salt Potassium sorbate
Enzyme Modified Egg Yolk  

Although there are few ingredients in there that are wonderful, there are a few that make me question its nutrition value.  Can you honestly say that you would cook, or put a meal on the table that you added potassium sorbate to or enzyme modified egg yolk?  

avocadoSo what do you do as an alternative?  Let’s be honest most of us are not going to make our own mayo so in this case I have a simple natural solution and that's an avocado. Avocado’s do not have a strong flavor and are simple to replace wherever you are using mayonnaise as a spread.

First pick a ripe one, it will be a bit blacker in color, cut along the outside, twist the ends, scoop out the insides and mash with a fork.  This will provide you with an alternative that is the same consistency as mayo, healthier, natural and does not have the added sugar and chemicals.

Try it as well in your tuna fish, on your sandwiches, or as a dip with your vegetables.  Spice it up with some curry powder, cumin or my personal favorite chili powder.  

I would love to hear how you use your avocado as a healthy alternative in your every day.  Make sure to comment below or contact me here.  

For more avocado alternatives or cooking inspiration, check out my favorite recipes here.

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Hello everyone!  As many of you know I am all about keeping workouts new and fresh... where there is no chance for boredom.  So today I am recommending a new exercise for you to add to your workouts, the kettlebell swing.

This technical exercise may look easy, but it has quite a few components that must be done correctly in order to get the full benefit.  The kettlebell swing is primarily a lower body exercise which is great for the glutes, hamstrings, quads, lower back and core.

Kettlebell swing is also an excellent cardiovascular addition to your workout.  For a full demonstration of how to properly complete the kettlebell swing, click here.

Are you looking for more exercises to incorporate into your workouts? I'd love to hear.  Contact me here and watch for upcoming demonstrations.

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