The Reality Fitness Book

Reality Fitness is your step-by-step guide to building a solid nutrition and exercise foundation for improved health and sustained weight loss. Designed to incorporate healthier habits into your life in incremental stages, with Reality Fitness, perfection is not necessary to see results.

The book is written from two perspectives. First, personal trainer Angela deJong presents and breaks down a new nutrition habit to integrate into your daily routine, along with weekly workouts to help build strength and a better metabolism. The second perspective is from one of Angela’s most important and successful clients—her favourite dad! Terry was the guinea pig for the program and throughout the book provides an honest (sometimes too honest) and entertaining story about what it feels like to make the changes week after week.

Reality Fitness eliminates that “all or nothing” attitude many of us have about nutrition and exercise by taking into account a real life—one that isn’t perfect and that includes an occasional beer (or two).